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Los Chamos Have a Friend in Me!

The name Los Chamos comes from the slang word for friends in Venezuela – if these guys want to cook for me on a regular I would like to be their friend!

I stood in a heavy duty line for Los Chamos and not once did the Chamo at the window lose his cool. Despite being busy he took the time to lead my menu choices in the right direction – I’m a simple person so little details like that stick with me.

Menu choice #1 was going to be the Sweet Domino Arepa but I switched it to the Empanada. The Chamo told me it would prevent all the cheesy Sweet Plantain gooeyness from falling out. He was right! Tucked into a freshly fried Empanada was the sweet and savory combination of Black Beans, White Cheese and Sweet Plantains. It sounds like dessert but it was a great way to start the meal.

Los Chamos Sweet Domino Empanada

Next up I dug into an Arepa that looked almost like a burger when they first handed it to me but it was so much more than that! This Arepa was chock full of sliced Chicken, Chorizo, Caramelized Onions and White Cheese. No condiments needed here just a few dozen napkins and a hearty appetite. Honestly if you order this you may not need to eat anything else.

Los Chamos La De Chi-Cho Arepa

Finally I made my way to the Tequeños. Even though I was nearly stuffed from the Empanada and Arepa I absolutely had to make room for these guys because they were the best I have ever had! Never before has a Cheese stick tasted so good on its own. Sauce lovers don’t be discouraged though; Los Chamos serves their Tequeños with a spicy Guava sauce that is so good you will want to ask for a gallon of it to take home.

Los Chamos Tequeños

Ultimately there are two things you need to remember when thinking about eating at Los Chamos: 1. A long line doesn’t mean rushed service and 2. A long wait for your food means it’s being prepared with care, it is worth the wait! Dale Chamo!

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