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Go! Moto? Maybe, Go! Bento

I’ve said it before, Arts Park is a great food truck event. Probably the best I’ve been to in the tri-county area. For that reason, when I trek my happy behind there after a long Monday I choose wisely – today though, I chose Go! Moto.

Go! Moto is the mobile version of the Hollywood restaurant, Go! Bento. Although the restaurant is Asian (sushi, noodles, etc.) the truck only featured things as Asian as Spicy Mayo.

I walked up, read the short menu and decided on the following items.

Bento Dog

The Bento Dog is what you see above: Bun, Tomato, Cucumber, Spicy Mayo and Dog. The guy at the trailer told me the Sun Sentinel wrote this Hot Dog up as the best the writer had during Burger Beast’s July 1st Hot Dog Fest – I couldn’t find anything to that effect.  I bit into the dog and was immediately bummed. The dog was good. I could taste the meat, but the other ingredients did nothing for it. Why was I eating all this other stuff that served no purpose? Also, what’s with the random nori garnish?

The Fries were also nothing special. The frozen crinkle cut fries were fried to order and seasoned with something unidentifiable. I suspect the seasoning had no salt because these were some pretty bland fries.

Avocado Fries

Next up were the Avocado Fries. The description made them sound like I was about to have a crunchy, creamy, spicy party in my mouth. Sadly this tasted about as flavorful as a kids party with no cake.

I did however enjoy a refreshing Boba Tea. The Lychee Green Tea had chunks of fruit in it and was served school cafeteria style with a plastic film over so you can plop your straw in and not have to worry about lids and things. But from the looks of the packaging it doesn’t seem to be made in house.

Check out the Boba Tea

Go! Moto is not the best representation of what the guys at Go! Bento can do, this makes me sad. So maybe you don’t Go Moto, but maybe you do Go! Bento.

GO! Wisely:

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