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Get To Know Joe Danise And His Big Kahuna

MFT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Joe: I’m Joseph Danise, originally from NJ but I now live in Ft Lauderdale for almost 6 years. I own Big Kahuna Ice Cream Truck. I am currently working on 2 more trucks (1 before winter and the other soon after). This time I am doing food. So stay tuned for some truly AMAZING stuff like you have never seen before.

MFT: How did the idea for Big Kahuna come up?

Joe: I came up with Big Kahuna after the economy took a turn for the worst and my real estate portfolio went down the toilet. I owned a bunch of trucks when I lived in NJ so I figured I would go back to what I know best, food trucking and ice cream trucks. Being in Florida, I figured ice cream would be a slam dunk.

Joe Danise

MFT: What item on your menu best sums up Big Kahuna?

Joe: I just added a new winter menu to the truck. We now sell Sick Ass Shakes, Ice Cream Cannoli’s, Ice Cream Ballz on a stick, & Ice Cream sandwiches made to order. But I would say our Stuffed Snow Cones would be our biggest claim to fame thus far. Our soft serve ice cream is truly amazing as well. We are known for having a quality product, with generous size portions meant to share, and all at a reasonable price.

Big Kahuna

MFT: Where does your passion come from?

Joe: I would say my passion come from my love of food in general. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat and I know good food. I have been in the food game most of my life since I was 13yrs old. It was my very 1st job and I haven’t stopped since.

MFT: What do you want to say to your fans?

Joe: I would like to say to my “Beach Bumz”!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to cool you guys off with some really different, frozen, & fun treats. Stick with me because we are about to shake up Florida like no one has ever done before. So stay tuned for some truly AMAZING stuff like you have never eaten, seen, or heard of. Thank you all & dont forget, SURF’S UP DUDES!!!

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