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Mushaboom – Some Fun Girls!

Mushaboom! I say that word and start singing the Feist song that helped inspire the name for the tastiest – wait, the only vegan food truck this side of the county line!

I know you’re thinking that the food must be way too green, way too bland and way too boring to stand up to any other the other food trucks you’ve visited. But, you are wrong!

Walk up to this playfully wrapped truck and prepare to change the way you feel about eating vegan.

Vegan Goodness!

While the menu does include vegetarian staples like Portobello mushroom burgers and falafel; these two girls are definitely not resting on classics for success. I took advantage of the fact that they make any burger a slider and tried the Chickpea Parm and Black Bean burgers. Make it a combo with a side of fries and a soda for $11. Besides the fact that this lunch was a steal, it was delicious!

Steal of a Combo!

I started with the Chickpea Parm! Made up of chickpeas, tomato sauce and vegan cheese, I bit into this little slider and thought they had sprinkled it with magic. Seriously, this burger has no meat on it but I chewed it as if it was a regular meaty patty. It was not tough or chewy it just didn’t have the texture you would expect from a sandwich made almost entirely of chick peas.

Chickpea Parm

Next up was their spicy Black Bean burger. A classic taken to new heights by chopped jalapeño and their special sauce! Tell me this doesn’t look like a burger!

Black Bean Burger

It was fresh tasting and had just the tiniest hint of spice from the jalapeños. Serious flavor inhabits this black bean burger.

If you’re not into things vegan, try their fries. They definitely stand up against any other fries I’ve had. Fresh cut and cooked to perfection, a dash of salt is all you need to do these puppies justice.

These two ladies are the real deal. Next time you see them on the street wave, honk or better yet, stop in and give their vegan goodness a try. Meat eater or not you will not regret it.

So Mushagood:

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